A full-service payment processing platform for the unbankable.

MTRAC is a unique ecosystem that features a revolutionary, compliant payment platform developed on blockchain technology to deliver cashless solutions for businesses operating in ‘high-cost banking’ industries.

We make high-risk transactions

Easy & Safe

At MTrac, we believe that it’s unfair for high-risk and “alternative” businesses to manage the burden felt by cash-based payments and antiquated inventory systems that aren’t in touch with the big picture. That is why we’ve partnered with GreenBoxPOS to deliver one of the most advanced cashless payment ecosystems ever developed, allowing business owners to reduce costs, increase safety, remain compliant, and streamline efficiencies.

Accept Credit/Debit

Customers can easily add funds to the MTrac Mobile App or reusable MTrac Card using cash or credit cards at an MTrac Kiosk. The Mobile App can be loaded from a linked bank account.

Advanced POS System

Advanced register & back-end admin modes. Manage Inventory, Employees, Payroll, Expenses, Taxes & Compliance Reporting.

Delivery Management

Two Mobile Apps (Driver and Consumer) Running on Android and iOS. SASS Dispatcher with manual & automated delivery management.

Secure & compliant

Tamper-proof closed-loop blockchain to record transactions, process payroll, pay up-stream vendors without the burden of cash.

mtrac pos system

Cashless POS

Our advanced Point of Sale system works seamlessly with customer mobile wallets (MTrac Card or MTrac App) for cashless payment transactions, while providing key business management features for tracking, reporting, and expenditure functions. Our API also integrates with many leading POS systems for implementation of our revolutionary MTrac payment system. 

MTrac Kiosk

At an MTrac Kiosk, customers are given a secure gateway into the MTrac ecosystem. Funds deposited into our closed-loop system are available to the customer immediately for use in a one to one ratio and are not affected by market forces. Cashless purchases and payments then move up-stream to merchants, vendors, distributors, landlords, and to local, state, and federal tax governing bodies.   

MTrac Kiosk
MTrac mobile app

MTrac Mobile App

Our MTrac App works effortlessly with the MTrac POS, Kiosk, and other wallets (customer and merchant), for loading funds and cashless payments. Funds can easily be loaded on the app from a linked bank account, or at a Kiosk using cash or credit card. Our unique integration of QR codes allows for customers to send or receive funds, while enabling simple, secure, and efficient transactions at the register.  

Delivery Management

Our state-of-the-art Point of Sale system works seamlessly with customers mobile eWallet (MTrac Card), while providing inventory management, payroll processing, and seed to sale tracking.


delivery app mtrac

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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Vanessa Luna

David A. Flores

Aaron Adler 


Jason LeBlanc 

Director of Business Development

Patrick Kilcoyne
Director of Information Technology

Jay Frentsos
Director of Marketing

Billie Jo Smith

Operations Specialist


Kevin Curtis
Regional Sales Manager – California

Steve Luna
Operations Manager – Nevada


In the News

Catch up on the latest MoneyTrac Technology news and press coverage… 

"Blockchain technology and legal cannabis might be the perfect pair. For one, the cannabis industry is still largely cash-based, which is not only annoying for consumers and business owners but can be dangerous and costly. One company, MTRAC, is trying to bring blockchain technology to cannabis to provide a secure, transparent, and compliant cashless payment option."
"[MTrac] hopes distributed ledger technology can solve the industry's payment problems. It just introduced a blockchain-supported system from GreenBox that records transactions in dispensaries. The product is designed to reduce theft and power cashless payments to the dispensaries from consumers, and from the dispensaries to vendors, staff and other partners, working similar to a digital P2P transfer."
John Adams,

"The electronic payment and compliance features available through the MTT technology platform are the solutions many sectors of our Cannabis industry have been looking for, and I look forward to providing the MTT Board with guidance and support to help move their objectives forward in the most effective way possible.”
Don Steinberg, CEO MCOA

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