Vanessa Luna, CEO

anessa Luna currently serves as the CEO of MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. (“MTRAC”). MoneyTrac is a financial technology company based in San Diego, CA, to which she was given this distinct role from the majority owned publicly traded company Global Payout, Inc. to which she currently co-serves as a Business Development Advisor.  Here, Ms. Luna has played a vital role in the successful development of the company’s internal operational structure as well as in cultivating key partnerships with a variety of individuals and entities to effectively position the company for growth and profitability. Ms. Luna also sits on various Advisory Committee Boards and has been an activist in humanitarian work for her local community.

Her prior experience was as an acting CEO to Luna Consultant Group, (“LCG”) a private investor relations and business development firm which she co-founded in January 2015 where she worked to drive profitability and bring awareness to small-to-mid-cap companies across a diverse range of professional sectors representing both Public and Private clientele.

In her over 15 years of professional experience, Ms. Luna has had the distinct opportunity to be at the helm of multiple management-related positions where her experience and keen business sense have been integral in driving significant growth and profitability for the companies she has worked for, in addition to developing and launching initiatives focused on maximizing internal processes and procedures to create a more productive work environment. This experience includes roles she has held with a NASDAQ listed company with a market cap of 42M and one of the largest attorney service companies in the U.S. she has been deemed an asset for every company she has serviced and has cultivated a number of relationships to which she attributes her extensive network of resources and successes.

In the last couple of years, much of Ms. Luna’s focus has shifted to the burgeoning multi-billion-dollar industry that is cannabis and where thousands of new businesses are being developed each year across the growing number of states where recreational laws have passed. For Ms. Luna, this has presented an incredibly unique opportunity to lend the dynamic knowledge and expertise she possesses in business development to emerging leaders in this industry who are in dire need of sound business leadership and alternative banking solutions. She has recently launched the MTRAC solution for "Banking the Unbankable™" and is focused on successfully introducing a compliant, financially stable, and cost effective alternative banking solution for the cannabis industry.