who we are


MoneyTrac Technology offers businesses operating in a variety of alternative or "high-risk" industries with a broad suite of services that provide them with an opportunity to manage and run their business with optimum efficiency. 

From technology-based solutions, to business development fundamentals, the MoneyTrac team leverages its combined 30 years of experience to give business owners the tools required  to meet compliance regulations, streamline electronic payment processing, and develop an operational structure that plays a critical role in the growth of their business. 

“Alternative market sectors are continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate across the U.S. However, traditional business resource and service providers are struggling to keep up with this growth, and in the process, many business owners within these sectors, or entrepreneurs eager to break into them, lack the support and resources needed to help move their initiatives forward.

The MoneyTrac Technology team aims to establish itself as a key resource to these  under-served businesses by offering them an array of services that we have designed to address the specific challenges businesses in a variety of alternative market sectors are faced with on a day-to-day basis."


-The MoneyTrac Management Team