MoneyTrac Technology is a provider of E-Wallet technology and e-banking financial solutions for the marijuana industry. We provide all aspects of financial technology including an E-Wallet and mobile app that allows access to your financial information from anywhere in the world. In addition we provide tracking and compliance to help you manage and control the flow of all revenue through your business. CFN’s robust compliance component allows you the security of knowing that all local and state regulatory standards are met and complied with, so you can do what you do best, and we take care of the rest.   


White Labeling

MoneyTrac Technology offers you the ability to white label your own ewallet. This means we can brand an electronic payment solution that is dedicated to improving your suite of available payments, and also promotes your business. By creating an individualized payment option you increase retention and loyalty, as well as invest in your own brand.

No matter what your financial and payment needs are, MoneyTrac Technology has an option that will work for you and your business. Our system is fully customizable, so whatever your needs are, we can meet them and beyond.


Mobile Application

Mobile applications are very necessary in our fast paced worlds, and MoneyTrac Technology provides a robust, intuitive, easy mobile platform to manage everyday financial transactions. You can monitor transactions in real time as they occur and access any aspect of the platform from anywhere in the world.

Our sophisticated systems provide mobile payment options as a key feature, take payments in store or on the go, whichever is most convenient. MoneyTrac Technology provides the forward-thinking partnership required for all your mobile payment solutions.

Customized mobile application can offer your company:

  • Ability to access account information – anywhere
  • On-the-go payment convenience which is secure and flexible
  • Online Bill Pay


Transaction Management

Every account has a unique account number and transactions can be tracked and recorded as they occur. You can load your E-wallet from any financial source (bank account, credit/debit card or cash at a top up station)

CFN’s platform provides both security and tracking to help you manage the flow of funds through your business. In addition their suite of compliance services ensures that your money is legally protected at all times.  

  • Payment of bills online and transfer funds
  • Retail and online transactions from supermarkets to local newsagents
  • Mobile payments
  • Secure online e-account – accessible 24/7
  • Customized loyalty programs
  • Intermediary Banking
  • Institutional Banking
  • Investments and Lending
  • Check/ACH processing

Loyalty Program Manager

One of the most important aspects of any consumer business is customer retention and loyalty. It’s true that the bulk of your business comes from repeat customers, and a loyalty program can help to ensure that customers choose your shop every time. Our system allows for the customization of a loyalty program to help you keep new customers coming back for more.

  • Customized card program
  • Program support
  • On-going card fulfilment
  • Payment processing
  • Card account management and reporting